Thursday, 1 November 2007

Marinated London Broil

Serves 6

1/4 cup red wine
1/4 cup soy sauce
3 Tbsp each olive oil and brown sugar
2 Tbsp each chopped onion, red-wine vinegar and Dijon mustard
1 Tbsp each minced garlic and Worcestershire sauce
2 tsp each salt and pepper
1 tsp ground ginger
One 1 1/2-lb top round London broil (about 1 1/2 in. thick)

Marinade: Combine all ingredients in a gallon ziplock bag. Add beef, seal and turn to coat. Refrigerate 6 to 24 hours. Heat outdoor grill. Remove beef from marinade; discard marinade. Pat beef dry. Grill, turning once, 12 minutes for medium rare. Remove to cutting board; let rest 10 minutes. Slice against the grain.

recipe courtesy of Women's Day Magazine Best Blogger Tips

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